Hardique is a dynamic Frontend/UI Developer with 4 years of experience creating streamlined and intuitive controls through programming and design to support engagements with customers. He is a practiced expert in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and frameworks, including Angular, React, and Ionic. He is passionate about implementing scalable solutions.

Streamlining Success: A Journey Through Corporate Software Engineering

Hardique has 4+ years of experience delivering highly responsive and scalable products for clients all over the globe. He has worked with various clients such as Deloitte, Telkom, HCSC, and Allianz.

Digital Makeover: Empowering Small Businesses with a Strong Online Presence

After Covid shook the world, all businesses had to mutate their mode of business from offline to online. Hardique believes that digital presence has a huge impact on the business. He has helped multiple small businesses across Australia and India by developing websites for their business in low code (WordPress including WooCommerce, Shopify, and Square ) as well as high code (Next.js, Angular, Tailwindcss, and React).

Forever a Student: The Endless Pursuit of Learning

Hardique is currently enrolled in a Master of Information Technology program at UNSW Sydney to broaden his IT skills and gain international exposure. He also experiments with tech trends from time to time to gain perspective. He tries to help the community by posting tech blogs about his learnings.

Rediscovering the Artist Within: A Journey Through Hobbies

Hardique is also a digital illustrator. He is an artist by heart and art is what drives his development process as well. His hobbies include discovering different digital art styles and incorporating them into his designs. He also stays on top of yearly web UI/UX trends.

Volunteering: A Step Towards Making the World a Better Place

Hardique has also volunteered for the UN on International Volunteer Day to increase awareness of building resilient communities. He has also volunteered for TedX Chandigarh and FoodShala where he was responsible for designing various digital posts as well as print media.